Oregon State Beavers Tickets

Come on out to Reser Stadium to catch exciting football action as the Oregon State Beavers take on all comers to defend their turf. From the moment the team hits the field, you could be joining over 43,000 other Beavers fans in cheering on their favorite players and rooting for another home-game win. Students, alumni, and fans of great football all flock to the stadium so they don’t miss out on plays, turnovers, and scores that are worthy of even the most strict highlight reels. With their current season record on the line, you know that the Beavers are ready to play their hardest so they can show everyone back home that no one stops the Beavers! But if you want the excitement, the drama, and the glued-to-your-seats action live then there’s only one thing to do.

Head coach Jonathan Smith has already bested his last year average with the program and he’s hungry to add even more wins to the Beavers program. So he’s gathered one of the strongest rosters that OSU has seen in recent years and works hard with his team every day to help ensure success. Your favorite players join bright and rising newcomers to deliver better Beavers games especially when they play at their home stadium. Even now, fans have been lining up at their local ticket offices to make sure they can get the best seats in the house to see what this year’s talent can bring. But you can have the first choice on the best seats in the house with one easy step.

A History of All-American Players and Award-Winning Coaches

At the end of every season, a list is compiled of the best players in every position to create a dream team composed of America’s best football players. Being named as part of this All-American team is a prestigious honor and the Oregon State Beavers are certainly no stranger to receiving it.

The first Beavers All-American was 1916’s Herman Abraham who was selected for the halfback position. Since then, the team has had 41 other players named as All-Americans 10 separate years where their program produced two or more nominations for this All-American Dream Team. With, as of 2013, 42 All-American players having come from their program, it’s clear that the Beavers can produce and train some of the strongest players in collegiate sports. But what records show is that 2000 and 2005 are the strongest recent years for the team, as they produced four and five All-American players respectively.

The year 2000 selections are no surprise though since that was the year the Beavers had an incredible 11-1 season record that led them to be conference co-champions. 2000 was also the year that, then head coach Dennis Erickson won recognition as Sporting News Coach of the Year as well as the Pac-12 Coach of the Year. This history of greatness leads many sports fans to one important question, “Who will be the next Beavers Award Winner”?

If you want to scope out the team to make your prediction, then come on out to Reser Stadium for an upcoming Beavers home game.

Attendance Records at Reser Stadium

To date, the capacity of Reser Stadium is listed as 43,154 seats. But the passion of Beavers fans knows no limit and oftentimes games have attendance records that surpass the capacity by a good stretch. Even before the latest revisions, the maximum capacity of this stadium had never been higher than 45,674 (2007-2015), which makes the numbers below all the more impressive. So let’s take a look at the attendance records at Reser Stadium so you can see the commitment Beavers fans show for their home team. The list below is the records as they stand to date for the ten best attendance for Beavers home games. The list below only lists the Beavers challengers to save space.

  • Oregon (November 24, 2012) – 47,249
  • Washington State (October 6, 2012) – 46,579
  • Oregon (December 4, 2010) – 46,469
  • Oregon (November 29, 2008) – 46,319
  • Arizona State (November 3, 2012) – 45,979
  • California (November 15, 2008) – 45,969
  • Utah (October 20, 2012) – 45,796
  • Oregon (November 29, 2014)- 45,722
  • Washington (November 10, 2007) – 45,629
  • California (October 30, 2010) – 45,439

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the most frequently seen battles are against the program’s rivals, the Oregon Ducks. This rivalry is due to how close the universities are to one another and draws enough passion that they traditionally close every season with a battle that is referred to as the annual “Civil War”. This rivalry has also been going for 121 games making it the 7th oldest rivalry in college football. Careful readers will also notice that during the stadium’s largest capacity period (2007-2015), the stadium capacity was overfilled 8 times out of the above 10 listed games.

What does this mean for football and Beavers fans? It just goes to show that the Beavers are a well-loved team that keeps football lovers coming back for more every year. So don’t miss out on your chance to catch the incredible on-field action.