Please enter the below address into your cars satellite navigation system to make your journey easier:
660 SW 26th Street, Corvallis, Oregon 97331
Note that traffic nearing Reser Stadium is often busier than normal around the time of popular events.Plan accordingly!

Game Day Pay Lots – Passenger Vehicle

Passenger vehicles may park in various pay lots as shown on the map on the official OSU Beavers website or the map above.

Rates range from $15/vehicle to $40/vehicle depending upon the lot and the proximity to Reser Stadium.

Game Day Pay Lots – Recreation Vehicle (RV)

Recreational vehicles may park in designated RV pay lots colored in purple according to the above map.

Rates range from $80/vehicle for 1-2 spaces and $100/vehicle for 3-5 spaces.

ADA Parking

Individuals with an ADA permit may park either in the Parking Structure or in designated spaces around Reser Stadium. ADA parking is in blue color in the map above.

Rates range from $15/vehicle for a parking space within the Parking Structure and $30/vehicle for a designated parking space around Reser Stadium.

Other Parking Options

  • Paid parking is available at Pioneer Park and at three locations within Avery Park. The fee is $15 per parking space and funds help support Corvallis parks.
  • Additional paid parking is generally available within the vicinity of Reser Stadium. Metered parking is available downtown.
    (Eg.: a 10-hour meter costs $1.50 and a 2-hour meter costs $1 and outside the metered areas the parking is free.)
  • There are two FREE unrestricted public parking lots available at 1st Street, north of Van Buren Avenue; and at B Avenue and 2nd Street. Fans can also rejoice to know that the OSU downtown shuttle buses stop near both of these lots and tickets are $5 for a round-trip and kids under 12 ride free. From there, you can walk to the Corvallis Transit Center at 5th and Monroe, where you can catch the bus (free!) to Reser Stadium. However, please take note that parking inside the free customer parking area is limited to 3 hours.

Parking is prohibited in any yard adjacent to and visible from a street. However. the exception to the rule is it fine to park on a driveway or parking area paved with concrete, asphalt, or other hard surfaces. Also, Corvallis has three Residential Parking Districts, but they are not enforced on weekends.

Football-Bus Parking

Buses may park in designated spaces near Reser Stadium. The rate is $100/bus.

Football Donor Lots: Passenger and Recreational Vehicles (RV)

On home football games, passenger vehicles and RVs with “Our Beaver Nation” permits may park in various lots as shown on the Football Parking Map as above.

Season parking permits are issued with a minimum $1,000 donation/contribution to “Our Beaver Nation” for the Football season.

Donor Passes issued by the “Our Beaver Nation” office must be on display at all times when parked in the designated parking lots. Vehicles without the proper permits displayed will be towed at the owner’s expense.